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In addition to our quarterly newsletter, every now and again we send out issue specific updates and event updates to the constituents of St. Paul’s. If you would like to belong to our newsletter we encourage you to sign up below and check off the issues that interest you most so we can keep you informed on what we are doing and what will be happening in the riding.

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    Early Learning & Child Care
    Campaign Literature
    Arts & Culture
    Economic and Fiscal Update 2005
    Foreign Policy
    Canada – Ontario Immigration Agreement
    Affordable Housing
    Home Care
    Cities and Communities
    Democratic Reform
    Gun Control
    Ballistic Missile Defence
    Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan
    Toronto Island Airport Bridge
    Budget 2004: An Agenda for Achievement
    AG's report on Sponsorship and Advertising
    Public Health and Healthcare
    Civil Marriage Act
    Canada-US Relations
    Parliamentary Reform
    Disability Subcommittee
    Kyoto Accord
    Labour market agreement for Ontario
    Real Help for Seniors
    Crisis in the Middle-East
    Protecting and Preserving our Environment
    Removal of Immigration Landing Fee
    The Canada Health Guarantee
    Press Releases & Media Advisories
    Investments in Toronto
    Economic Growth and Prosperity
    Child Pornography
    Handgun Ban and Safer Communities Strategy
    Recent Articles and Speeches
    Health and Healthcare
    Voting on UN Middle East Resolutions
    Income Trust
    Bill C-407 Assisted Suicide
    Gomery Commission: The Prime Minister's Response
    Bill C-60 Copyright Law
    Gomery Commission: pre-report
    Ontario Fiscal Situation
    Budget 2005: Making parliament work
    Canada - Ontario Agreement
    Wait Times
    Women’s Issues
    Canada-Israel Relations
    Children’s Agenda
    Citizen Engagement
    Local Issues:

    Revitalization of Toronto
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