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My Role

The social contract in our democracy is founded on the consent of the governed. This implies not just voters selecting their governments, but also a more or less continuous contact between citizens and their elected representatives to exchange knowledge and opinions. It also means the expression of preferences on the part of the citizen, as well as a certain level of attentiveness and consciousness of what government is doing, or wants to do.

In our democratic system, whether as government or opposition members, MPs represent all the voters in their constituencies. We do this through our work in Parliament particularly in parliamentary committees, as well as by assisting individual constituents and also by providing, and seeking, information through townhall meetings and newsletters. My role as M.P is to function as the two-way lens through which both the constituents of St. Paul's and the government can educate each other about their expectations, ideas and activities as well as their roles and responsibilities.

As your Member of Parliament, I consider the participation of the constituents of this riding as the most important tool in doing my job. I have worked hard to provide you with many opportunities to engage in an ongoing dialogue through townhalls, newsletters, neighbourhood coffee parties, and special events. I am delighted to be able to take advantage of the world of opportunity provided by the internet, and hope that it will prove to be a new and exciting tool for effective engagement.

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